Frequently Asked Questions for Soothenix™ Belt.

How long until I see relief?

Instantly! Our belt will provide instant relief from pain the first time you use it. With consistent use over a two week period you will gain benefits that last a lifetime.

Will wearing the belt weaken my muscles?

No, the Soothenix™ Belt will not weaken your muscles the same way a lumbar corset brace would. A lumbar corset brace is designed to take over for your core, and if you wear it for too long, it makes your muscles weaker, putting you at more risk for injuring your back, getting a disk bulge, or a muscle strain.

The Soothenix™ Belt doesn’t actually take over for any muscles, all it does is help to hold your SI Joints together, and therefore allow your ligaments to come back to their normal tension.

So you can wear it for weeks, or months without worrying about atrophy.

Where can I find the instructions?

The instructions are included in your package.

How long should I wear the Soothenix™ Belt for in a day?

The Soothenix™ Belt can be worn all day. You can start with a few hours as soon as you experience pain, and you can then add more hours if it’s needed. The Soothenix™ Belt has been designed to be worn as long as it’s needed, it can be used while sleeping and while doing physical activity.

Is the Soothenix™ Belt washable?

Please hand wash the Soothenix™ Belt, to guarantee the materials will not be damaged and to assure a long life of the belt.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Our device comes with a 90 Day Risk-Free Guarantee. We’re incredibly confident that you’ll get relief from your back pain, but if you don’t, please e-mail us at within 90 days of receiving the product.

How tight should I wear the Soothenix™ Belt?

You need to tighten the Soothenix™ Belt so it feels firm but comfortable. If you don’t feel any improvements after the first few hours of wearing it, you can tighten it further.

Where do you wear the Soothenix™ Belt? Across hip bones?
Under hip bones in the hip-dip area?

The Soothenix™ Belt should be worn on your hip (under your waist). Here is a little tip on how to wear the Soothenix™ Belt: lift one leg and locate the front leg crease, align the bottom edge of the belt with that crease.

Can you wear the Soothenix™ Belt while pregnant?

Yes, the Soothenix™ Belt has been designed to give support during pregnancy too. Many women have found relief from their sciatic and SI joint pain during and after pregnancy. Using the Soothenix™ Belt can prevent SI joint pain due to loosened pelvic joints.

Can you wear the Soothenix™ Belt while doing sports? (Gym, Martial Arts, Basketball…)

Yes, the Soothenix™ Belt has been specifically designed to be worn during physical activity too, thanks to the breathable neoprene for sweat resistance and the anti-slip silicone strips to prevent slipping while doing any type of movement.

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